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CBDAY is a collective of premium quality Hemp and CBD products designed to be a part of your daily wellness ritual. Besides just being a marketplace of hemp and CBD products, we also want to educate people and create awareness about the wonder plant and its benefits. We want everyone to experience CBD and the sacred plant like never before and the extent to which it can benefit your health and wellness.

At CBDAY, we firmly believe in the myriad of health benefits that Hemp and CBD products hold, which is why we bring nothing but the best from across the world for your wellness and well-being.


We have an exclusive range of pure CBD and Hemp products imported from all parts of the world to ensure that you always have more exciting options before you buy the right CBD product for yourself.

From Tinctures, Oils, Gummies, Pet Treats, Pet Oils, Smokables, to Skincare, Edibles, and Beverages we have got you covered for all your needs. For the night owls. The early birds. The go-getters. The achievers. The furry and four-legged friends. We have something for everyone at CBDAY.


We wish to remain true to the purpose of promoting a healthy body and mind with the help of CBD. Our vision is to pave way for a line of CBD wellness and health products in India and enable people to experience the therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant which is no less than an elixir.

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